Welcome to HFI!! This is the Halo RPG game site. HFI stands for Halo: Final Ignition, an attempt to make a free, online Halo RPG game for the first time. Now, don't go thinking that this is an easy concept, because it's not. Notice, that many have failed due to several problems:

Lack of sprites
Lack of team

And of course
Lack of players..

HFI is going to attempt to beat those others and become a great experience for all loving halo Players.
The game is currently in Pre-Alpha stage, we are not currently testing, or editing the game. I am currently myself working on a spritesheet, called the HRS, Halo Razor Sheet... My nick being KillerRazor. The game is planned by my thinking to be FULLY finished, maybe late next year, depending on how development goes, and I hope to release the Alpha demo within a month or two, proof of concept. When our features page is up, you'll be able to view, everything, HFI and what is going to be going on.. But here is a small overview of the game:

HFI. The online game. Halo: Final Ignition will be the first game to reach the internet fully. Players will be able to explore the deep universe of Halo, and eventually, view every small aspect of it's huge universe. The game was first thought up by KillerRazor, in August 2008, and is hoped to reach the internet and eventually be big..

That's all for now, Ciao,